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Harp Music in .PDF Form


You can order some of our music in .pdf form as well as in hard copy. Prices are the same as hard copy ($2.50 each during the sale in 2020), but there is no postage charge. (If you send PayPal for .pdf music from within the United States, please deduct $1.70 from your order to make up for the $1.70 postage that PayPal automatically adds. If you order from outside the United States, do not deduct anything, because PayPal won't add postage.) You will receive, by email, a copy of the song in .pdf form that can be read using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


There are a few differences which make our hard-copy music more desirable than .pdf. Since you print the .pdf music yourself, you don’t receive it on 11” x 17” ivory paper folded into 8 ½” x 11”. Features that are physically pasted into the hard copy will be absent. These include the borders and Valkyrie Publications logo on the front covers, Elly Fithian’s harp illustrations in some of the pieces, and the back cover if the music has one.


Generally, it is best to order the music in hard-copy form, but .pdf is useful if you live in a country where mail delivery is unreliable or if you need the music now, not a few days from now. Please indicate clearly that you want the music as a .pdf file, either on your order blank or in the “Message” area of your PayPal form.


Click a title to read about the music. Pieces available in .pdf form are:


The links above go to the descriptions in the Thumbnail Gallery. You may be able to read more about the piece on the Sheet Music page, or if it is part of a set, on the Sheet Music Sets page. To return to this page, use the “Back” button on your browser, or if you get “lost,” you can always come here through the Contact and Orders link at the top right corner of any page.




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