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Instruction for the Harp


How to Play the Folk Harp from Chord Symbols

San Diego: T.B. Thomassen, 1995, $11.95.


This is course consisting of twelve lessons for harpists who wish to learn to read chord symbols and create their own arrangements. The lessons are:

       1. Chords.

       2. The Left Hand.

       3. Broken Chords and Arpeggios.

       4. Lead Sheets.

       5. Inversions and Playing Patterns.

       6. Practice.

       7. Other Keys.

       8. Practice in Other Keys.

       9. Melody and Counter Melody.

       10. Finding the Right Chords.

       11. Some Other Chords.

       12. Continuing On Your Own.


Level: easy to intermediate; suitable for beginners who can read music and know harp basics.


The cover is heavy gold parchment, printed in red and green, and the book is illustrated with intricate Celtic harp designs by Elly Fithian. First edition, fourth printing (2022). 32 pages, 8 x 11.