Three Songs by W. B. Yeats

Sheet music for harp and voice; three-piece set.


Three poems by William Butler Yeats, set to music and arranged for harp and voice. The songs are:


  • Down by the Salley Gardens, set by Yeats himself to the traditional melody "The Maids of Mourne Shore."
  • Into the Twilight, set by Shirley Starke to music in the Aeolian mode (minor scale).
  • The Pity of Love, set by Shirley Starke to a melody in the Mixolydian mode (the 7th note of the scale is dropped a half step) which has the feel of traditional Irish music.


Each of the three pieces is 4 pages, 8 1/2" x 11". The music is printed in black on ivory paper and includes words, melody, chord symbols, and arrangement for the harp. It was written for the lever harp but may be played on the pedal harp as well. Level: easy to intermediate. $7.50.



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