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By Ken Simmons

Authorís Comments


The rights of passage have borne their fruit,

the time has come to give Satan the boot.

The bounty of earth is sparse and rare,

Christ knows of all, as Heís counted each hair.


The days grow short for man on earth,

for all were counted, before their birth.

The planets of Heaven have all aligned,

and now man realizes, it has all been timed.


For Christ came to this world to save,

to save every mans soul, His life he gave.

He brought his message of peace towards men.

to love ones enemy and not to sin.


We do not know, the time or day,

only through Christ can we find our way.

Sinners are taken like thieves in the night,

while all Godís children welcome Christís sight.


In Heaven Christ said, a palace Iíll build,

from the faithful on earth it shall be filled.

In this palace there are rooms for all,

will you be ready when Christ makes his call?


With faith in Christ, the way is clear,

and to all those who believe he is always near.

Christ said with faith youíll never walk alone,

for in our faith we find our way home.


To save a soul, for Christ on earth,

will say to God how much youíre worth.

Live each day like it was your last,

because the time of Christ is coming fast.


For evil breeds evil and sin breeds sin,

if you break Godís law you will never win.

Christ came and gave one simple law,

to love all people no matter what we saw.


Only a foolish man will lose his soul,

so look to Christ, Heíll make you whole.

To lose your soul, you need only follow man,

to save it one must follow Godís plan.


Christ sacrificed His life to fulfill Godís plan.

belief in this sacrifice will save any man.

So place your faith in the one who saves,

for His love is as free as the oceanís waves.


This poem is also available as a song.

The sheet music is four pages long, with guitar chords and fretboard diagrams, $3.00.




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