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By Ken Simmons

Authorís Comments


There has been a place prepared for me,

a place where I can live totally free.

Jesus said I can call it my home,

and that my soul, need no longer roam.


He said that itís easy to get there,

if in Him I trust and I stay aware.

To become aware I must believe,

That all my sins Jesus can relieve.


There is a small price that I have to pay,

and thatís to believe in Him in every way.

Itís a very small price to save my soul,

and with it Jesus will make me whole.


I must believe what Jesus taught,

and that with His death my soul He bought.

It was a great price Him for me to pay,

so I might know about His better way.


Jesus said His is the only way,

if I in Heaven am planning to stay.

He promised that Heíd come back for me,

and that with me He would always be.


Someday Iíll be going to my new home,

and live up in Heaven never again to roam.

Because in Jesus I trusted and did believe,

every one of my sins He did totally relieve.





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