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Ken Today



Ken Simmons Today



Ken’s schizophrenia is now controlled by medication, and he is one of the most active and dedicated Faith In Action volunteers in North Dakota. In 2006 he drove more miles for Faith In Action than any other volunteer in the state. Ken is too modest to let us put this on his website if we didn’t insist – but we did insist! Undoubtedly, dozens of people would write glowing tributes to Ken, but here are two…



Vicki Jackson, Director

Faith In Action

Valley City, ND 58072


Ken is one of the most generous persons I have ever known. He truly has a servant’s heart and seeks ways to show Christian love to others whenever and wherever he can. He is so gifted in many areas and doesn’t hold back in sharing his gifts with others. I’m sure Ken doesn’t realize the powerful impact he has had on so many people’s lives as he shares an encouraging word or a kind deed. Thank you, Ken, for being such a wonderful example to others!



Shirley Starke

Valkyrie Publications

Valley City, ND


I met Ken though Faith In Action, in which I’ve been involved both as a volunteer and recipient. When I’ve asked Faith In Action for help, it usually has appeared in the form of Ken Simmons. For example, last year I was sick and snowed in by a major blizzard. As soon as the interstate highway was open, Ken brought my medicine – across the highway right of way, over a barbed wire fence, and through eight-foot snowdrifts with the consistency of quicksand. When people need help, Ken is there, and nothing can stop him. Ken was once a Marine, and his life again exemplifies the motto of the Marines: “Semper Fidelis” – “Always Faithful.”



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