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Two of Ken’s poems, “The Rights of Passage” and “A Lost Soul Made Whole,” as available as sheet music with melodies by Shirley Starke of Valkyrie Publications. The four-page, 8˝” x 11” sheet music includes words, melody, chord symbols, and guitar fretboard diagrams.


These are a few sample lyrics to each song. You can read all of “The Rights of Passage” using the link below.



The Rights of Passage


The rights of passage have born their fruit,

The time has come to give Satan the boot.

The bounty of earth is sparse and rare,

Christ knows of all, as He’s counted each hair.


The days grow short for man on earth,

For all were counted, before their birth.

The planets of Heaven have all aligned,

And now man realizes, it has all been timed.

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A Lost Soul Made Whole


But you've heard a small voice saying,

Come to me, and you I will save.

I'll free you from your bondage,

Give you life in exchange for the grave;


Love shall I make your teacher,

Give you faith as a newfound friend,

And show unto you the way of hope,

Leading to life that will never end.

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