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Ken Today




By Ken Simmons

Authorís Comments


It wasnít so very long ago

That I lived inside a tortured soul

My heart was weary and my mind was weak

And deep depression was my highest peak.


For many years I suffered alone with strife

But Iím now beginning to look forward to life.

Many were the times I wanted to die

But those who were helping asked me not to try.


Now with Christís help Iíve found a way

To make it through each coming day

He has entered my heart and taken control

And brought peace to my once tortured soul.


He gave me the courage to bring others near

So that I could learn to control my fear

And for all the hate I had in my heart

He said to forgive those who made it start.


For the self-disgust I feel in my mind

He said to myself I should be kind

Then thereís the story of my damaged pride

With this I let Christ be my guide.


I canít say I did this on my own

For there were others who brought points home

Doctors and counselors all played their part

Whose guidance and support gave me courage to start.


Iím only beginning to find my way

But I try harder with each coming day

I pray to God that Iíll continue to grow

And peace in my life Iíll someday know.




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