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By Ken Simmons


Iíve traveled around this country of ours,

mostly by trains in empty railroad cars.

I live mostly on beans out of the can,

and live my life without a definite plan.


The travel is hard so I travel light,

and I sleep on the ground under the stars at night.

I go from city to city looking for a place to stay.

but most people and the law wonít let me live my way.


I donít know many people but Iíve met many folks,

Iíve heard lots of life stories and forgot many jokes.

Iíve drank lots of beer and shared lots of wine,

and spent time in jail as I tried to walk the line.


Iíve met lots of women and spent time with a few,

but I canít say there were many that I ever really knew.

On the rails is where Iíve always wanted to be.

coming and going when I wanted and living life free.


I have no regrets for how Iíve chosen to live,

everywhere Iíve gone had something new to give.

I go north in the summer and south in the fall,

I lived day by day answering the trainís call.


Iíve had many jobs and made an honest buck,

and lived through times when I was down on my luck.

And if I had the choice of starting all over again,

Iíd change not a thing except some places Iíve been.




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