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Voices of the Trees, by Shirley Starke (New York: Raven Publishing, 1989)

Reprinted from the website of Barnes and Noble




Paul Beyerl - The Unicorn, Autumn 1989

“This book has some very lovely melodies...Highly recommended.”



Nancy Martsch - Beyond Bree, Newsletter of the Tolkien Special Interest Group of American Mensa, December 1989

“Although not specifically Tolkien-inspired, many (of the songs) have a definitely 'Elvish' feel.”



Skylad Nord - The Silver Elves, Autumn 1989

“Since I do not play any musical instrument, I can only comment on the words - the poetry. The poetry alone is worth the price of the book.”






James Rellihan

“Overall I see the following themes emerge from (Voices of the Trees): a yearning for the eternal, for transcendence, for God; nobility of the human spirit and human love; hope, triumph of the human spirit over darkness and death and the evil of greed (gold) which leads to man's downfall.”

    Father, O.M.I., Mother of God Ministries


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