White Hemlocks, Yellow Violets

Sheet music for harp and voice


“White hemlocks, yellow violets, and hyacinths blue:

Three blossoms, three colors that I will give to you;

White moonlight, yellow lamplight, and the green light of leaves,

And the morning, and the evening, and a heart that never grieves.”


This song includes words, melody, chord symbols, and an intricate arrangement that is equally suitable for harp, piano, or guitar. Unlike our other music, the instrumental part is written entirely in the treble staff and played an octave lower than written (this is standard for guitar music). This may make it more challenging - or may not, depending on your experience! It's a beautiful piece for harp and voice and well worth learning. Four pages, 8” x 11”, ivory paper; in the key of C with no accidentals. Level: intermediate. $3.00. Click to hear it.



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