Celtica: Songs for the Harp

New York: Celtic Heritage Books, 1990. $8.95


“Plant these seeds from the Land of Youth,

Where there’s neither age nor decay,

And your old dreams will come into flower

When your new dreams have withered away.”


Celtica is a collection of 31 songs about real and legendary heroes of the Irish and Welsh people: Merlin, Owen Glendower, Hugh Roe O’Donnell, W.B. Yeats, Sean Mac Stiofáin, and Bobby Sands, and about the Fairy Host or People of the Sidhe. A few of the songs are in Gaelic. Words, melodies, and chord symbols are included; the songs are written for the lever harp but may be played on any instrument.


The cover is heavy gold parchment, with the pages printed on pale gold paper. It is profusely illustrated with intricate Celtic designs by Elly Fithian. 40 pages, 5½” x 8½”.



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