Éamon an Chnoic

Sheet music for harp and voice; part of the Irish Folk Songs set.


"We will hear the small birds, and the cuckoo's wild song

From the top of the green yew streaming.

We will live there forever - death will never come near us –

In the fragrant forest dreaming."


 "Éamon an Chnoic," in English "Ned of the Hill," is a Gaelic song about the 17th-century Irish nobleman Edmund Ryan, who lost his lands to the English and was in exile in the mountains. In the song he comes to his sweetheart's door, cold and wet, but at first she refuses to let him in. "What can I do for you," she says, "but the hem of my gown to put over you? And the powdery snow will fall on you still, and both of us will be covered." But when he says he will go across the sea, she asks him to go with her into the lovely woods and live there forever. This sheet music includes both the original Gaelic words and an English translation that is very accurate, faithful to the original rhyme and meter, and easy to sing - three verses in each language, as well as the melody, chords, and arrangement for the lever harp. The sheet music is 8½" x 11", 4 pages, and printed in black on ivory paper. Level: easy to intermediate. $3.00.



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