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Dakota Lullaby

by Shirley Starke

Sleep and rest on my breast,

Little love and my treasure,

Safe and warm in my arms:

Love is too great to measure.


Cold winds blow o'er the snow,

January is passing.

Never let us forget,

Peace is not everlasting.


Swirling snow, death and war

Fill the cold world about us.

Let us pray, long they may

Do their swirling without us.


Sunset's glow, stars and snow:

God surrounds us with beauty.

Why must we chiefly see

Fear and want and duty?


Young or old, warm or cold,

God has us in His keeping.

Yet shall we, while we may,

Love our life and your sleeping.


Copyright Shirley Starke 2008


MIDI: Harp introduction; harp and voice through one verse; three endings


Dakota Lullaby Sheet Music


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