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Printers’ Seconds


Harp by Elly Fithian






We’ve been listing our printers’ seconds in the “Bargains” section of our eBay store, but now are making them available through our website. If you want some of the bargain music, you now can add it to a website order.


This is all perfectly playable music, with minor imperfections as described below. And it’s cheap! J  A great resource for harp teachers, choir directors, or others who would like multiple copies of good music at a low price.


We are required to fill eBay orders, so you might want to email first to make sure that a bargain piece is still in stock. Anything that’s sold on eBay will be removed from this page ASAP, so if more than one copy or lot is listed, you are probably safe ordering it. And if the order is for only one or two pieces, we will just fill it with a first-quality copy if the seconds are sold out.


We have:


  • Gartan Mother’s Lullaby, Lot of 8, $6.00. These have an ink adherence problem on part of the front cover, with some scratching off of the ink on the title, which doesn’t affect the music and affects the cover only slightly. Two lots available.
  • Gartan Mother’s Lullaby, Lot of 4, $3.75. These also have an ink adherence problem, but milder – a small section (about an inch) of the border on the front cover is grayish, and other parts will become grayish if rubbed vigorously. Five lots available.
  • All Through the Night – Lot of 4, $3.75. Exactly the same as the Gartan Mother’s Lullaby described above. Two lots available.
  • Suo Gan – Lot of 4, $3.75. Same as Gartan Mother’s Lullaby described above. Two lots available.
  • O Light of the Morning, Christian song – a minor mistake in the repeats, corrected in ink. $1.99; one copy still available. (Most of these were sold on eBay.)
  • I Will Follow, Follow You, Christian song – a minor mistake in the lyrics, corrected in ink on your copy. $1.99 each; Five copies available.
  • Psalms 59 and 18 – inside pages off center (left margin wider than right) and cover very slightly tilted; $1.99 each; nine copies available.
  • Psalms 54 and 30 – as above; $1.99 each; seven copies available.
  • We Three Kings – the printing is a little light, not exactly grey but not as black as the first-quality copies in our 8-piece sets. Five copies available, $.99 each.