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From this page, you can view our petition and print a copy to use until we can send you copies. (As long as it’s signed and notarized, the petition you print here will be perfectly valid.) To receive more copies to circulate, please email or write to Dick Starke, 5 Elm Street, Burlington, ND 58722.


Please print a copy of our instructions to circulators also. It is very important to follow the rules of the State of North Dakota regarding initiative petitions (for example, you can’t sign your own petition but can sign someone else’s), and this document will make you familiar with the rules.


We also provide two short flyers that you can print and hand out to prospective signers. You can print them and photocopy as many as you want. Each is formatted so that you will get three flyers to a sheet of paper; the original flyer is 2-sided, and the new (possibly better) flyer is one-sided and in color. (The colors are dark enough to show up as black if you photocopy them, but you can also print them individually on your color printer.) For best results, choose “no scaling” when printing; but if you can’t do that because your printer cuts off the edges, you can still get good flyers by lining them up carefully when copying. You can also order flyers from They are free – just tell him how many you would like.


We also have a colored 7-page set with the basic info in very large print, which can be used as a set of posters or strung together at the top to form a “strip banner.”


Thank you for circulating our petition!


Print or download the petition here – it is in pdf form and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Print the Instructions for Circulators in pdf form here.

Print the Instructions for Circulators in Word document form here.

Print our original flyer in pdf form here.

Print our original flyer in Word Document format here.

Print our new flyer (color version) in pdf form here.

Print out new flyer (black and white version) in pdf form here.

Print our 7-sheet “Strip Banner” here.

Print “Let the People Vote” sign (legal size)

Print “Save Our Soil, Save Our Water, Save Our People” sign (legal size)

Click here for to learn how to make your own clipboard (petitions should always be carried on a clipboard).

Click here to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


You can also help in other ways:


           To volunteer to write letters to the editor, call talk shows, or help in any other way, email

           To donate money for our effort, mail donations to Dick Starke (address above) or email

           If you are a student who would like to help, email student coordinator Corey Bergsrud at


Thank you!