ND Mensa

Prairie Dawg


Bulletin Board

Rogues' Gallery

2012 RG


Officers and Contacts

Regional Vice-Chairman

Peggy Pannke-Smith

1009 Alder Way

Longmont, CO 80503


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Assistant Publisher

Sharon Swan Tieszen


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Deputy RVC for North Dakota

Greg Kontz



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Scholarship Chair

Gay Rawson

2716 4th St. North

Fargo, ND 58104-7027


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SIGHT Coordinator

Ann G. Knudson

422 Garden Drive

Bismarck, ND 58504


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Local Secretary

Brian M. Tinker

140 16th St. NE

McClusky, ND 58463


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Deputy Local Secretary

Calendar Editor, Publisher

Erin Koffler



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Prairie Dawg Editor, Webmaster

Testing Coordinator

Shirley Starke

Route 2, Box 230

Valley City, ND 58072


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Andre Jordheim


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Publicity Chair

Monte Faul


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Gifted Children

Mary Wald




Fargo: Sharon Swan Tieszen, shazti@aol.com

Grand Forks:  Kevin Lemke (701)-787-6328, klemke@vir-sys.com

Bismarck:  Ann Knudson, mikeannknudson@msn.com

Valley City: Shirley Starke, ndmensa@valkyriepub.com

Dickinson: Molisa Derk, ageingchild@hotmail.com

Area Coordinators:


Northeast: Paul Edman, Grand Forks, (701)-746-5118; pedman@altru.org
Southeast: Erin Koffler, Fargo,  (701)-293-4831; ekoffler@msn.com


Southwest: Greg Kontz, Dickinson, (701)-290-0743; grjk@fisherind.com


Northwest: Volunteer Needed