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Comments by Ken Simmons


I wrote “The Rights of Passage” to point out that until now, and even with what time there is yet to come before the rapture, we live only by and through the goodness of God’s grace towards us. Who in keeping to the promise He gave to His Son Christ Jesus that not one would be lost that was written in the Book of Life.


One might in examination say, that in a sense, since the end of Christ’s mortal life, we have been living basically on borrowed time. A time portioned, which is by no means infinite. But a time which will surely come to an end quickly, (Revelation 2:16) in which Christ Jesus shall soon come in all His glory to claim those of His Church which are the promised of God.


Hopefully it will rouse in your heart to the sense of urgency it did in me, when I wrote it. I stress to you the words spoken by Christ, “How is it you can tell the signs of the earth, and not see the signs of the times.” (Matthew 16:3)


Now today in a world of split second transfer of information, we have become a world united through the means of mass communication and international travel. (Daniel 12:4) There is hardly a person left on earth that does not know at least at little knowledge of most, if not all, of the other countries that are in existence and the many peoples, which populate the earth. There has never been another time in the history of mankind that so many people knew the goings on of so many others, including their habits, beliefs and political affiliations. At the push of a button almost any one on earth anywhere can find out almost anything about anything or anyone. We in the world today are in a unique position, which is known as the, “Information age”. Now today, more then any other time, do so many know so much about so many others lives.


It is this very time we are living in, that was spoken of a long time ago by a man of blameless and perfect integrity. His name was Jesus of Nazareth (Jeshua)!  Who was written of by the Hebrew people as the coming “Messiah”, translated into Latin the name Messiah is, “The Christ”.


He said that there would come a time when all on Earth would hear and know of Him, and have an understanding of His words and His ways. He also said, when this should come to be that, “He would return” and “Collect” the “Faithful” from amongst the Earth.


We today are the closer then we have ever been to that very moment. Today the goings on of everyday life throughout the world have become, and are displaying those very signs that Jesus so eloquently spoke of as the “Signs of the end of This Age”. (Mark:13:1-37)


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