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Heavenly Home

Comments by Ken Simmons


 In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve made a critical choice that brought their paradise existence to a fatalistic end, as they had known it. The spiritual life, which had made him an eternal being was cut off and his connection to its source, severed because of his disobedience. Until the time that man disobeyed he lived an idyllic life in a paradise which his Creator had made to be a perfect place for him, so man could enjoy peace and happiness there along with fellowship with God, having need for nothing.


            However when man did disobey, and sin entered into the heart and soul of man, causing him to follow after his own lusts, which he would seek even unto his own condemnation. Forsaking all else, man became a self-willed, self-serving creature living his life in confusion, stumbling around in the darkness of the world he was responsible for, losing his own sense of direction.


            Yet even though man could still seek his Creator, he decided to follow his after his own knowledge in life compounding his act of disobedience and abandoning God. God did not abandon him however, for God was planning from the very beginning of the creation to set into motion a perfect plan of redemption. Therefore God as a Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent God, He was capable of doing all things, knowing all things, and being in all things, all at the same time.


            Man, even prior to sin failed to realize what God wanted most of all, was to have fellowship with man and His greatest desire was to be a blessing and to fulfill man’s every need and desire. Man was not knowledgeable of the fact that God had even greater and grander things planed for him in his self-willed act of disobedience.


            Christ however did live a life of perfection, attaining that which God had intended for Adam and Eve so long ago. (Romans 5:17) Through His humbleness, all forgiving, and compassionate loving heart. He walked always mindful and obedient to the laws and ways, which pleased His Father in Heaven, and thereby attaining the righteousness God had intended for mankind all along.


            It is through Christ’s perfect life that He would conquer sin, death and the world that came into being with the sin of man, once and for all men. Christ came to suffer the penalty for all the sins of all men for all time, by dying perfect in the flesh, pouring out His Blood as the final atoning and completed sin sacrifice upon the Cross. He now has a risen Spiritual body unto everlasting life. He freely offers this same spiritual body to all men, through the grace of God’s mercy given through faith in Christ’s righteousness. Any and all who so choose of their own free will, may come? (Mark 8:34)(Romans 10:13)     


In “Heavenly Home”, I try to point to the fact that belief in Christ brings to man the opportunity of being “Reborn”. Through the Holy Spirits renewing of your mind, you take on you in the eyes of Christ new creature. (2 Corinthians 5:17-19)(Romans 12:1,2) Therefore we strive to always to walk forward hopefully and faithfully trusting God’s Holy Spirit to always guide our heart in making the right decisions. Trusting in God to direct our feet, and that He will always take us by the abundance of His grace to where we can be of the most service to Kingdom, whereby we might build for Christ His Church.


            This is how we today can take our place beside Christ, living as closely as is possible here on earth in likeness of Christ within us, by shinning the light of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit which dwells in us, unto our everlasting “Heavenly Home.”


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